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Data Transfer – Lost data Recovery

Data Recovery

We can recover data from virtually every operating system and storage device in any data loss situation.

We currently recover an average of 80 {4150afb9e92df8ed001e14c3970ddab4dbba22adbd8b960d2482b465e6539233} of all devices that we receive for evaluation with success rate of 80- 90 {4150afb9e92df8ed001e14c3970ddab4dbba22adbd8b960d2482b465e6539233} of data recovered.

Data Transfer

Date transfer between Computers , Smartphone’s

Minimum Fee € 49 


We can run data recovery on any Physically damaged Hard Drive , Pendrive, Memory card….

  • HD which has been dropped
  • HD which has been in fire or water
  • Internal mechanical or electric problems
  • HD has been formatted or deleted files by accident
  • Virus problems
  • Bad sectors,unreadable disk,Software Media errors

We can transfer your data as well .

  • One machine to another
  • Make DVD or CD’s
  • Transfer from old dead machine to new .
  • Transfer from machine to USB etc etc ….

Steps and types of Data Recovery

Basic Data Recovery or Data Transfer

Price from €49- €99,  Turnaround time 24 hrs 

Symptoms:  Read error, format disk, Files deleted etc

Moderate Data Recovery

Price from €100 – € 300, Turnaround time 1-10 days

Symptoms: Logical problem, Unreadable disk, Electronic problem, System Fault.

Advanced or Lab Data Recovery

Evaluation fee €99 , Price from €450 onwards , Turnaround time 1- 30 days

Symptoms: Assembly Damage, Media fault,Firmware or board fault,Stack,Head, Motor Damage.



Please Note: 

There is only probability  not possibility of 100{4150afb9e92df8ed001e14c3970ddab4dbba22adbd8b960d2482b465e6539233} data recovery, TECHHELP don’t  promise any results to anyone, results may vary before evaluation and after recovery and this figure always will vary from time to time depending on the brands, models and faults involved. Their will always be a proportion of devices submitted whose condition is beyond recoverable at time of receipt – usually because of surface damage to the disk platters

Whereas we cannot guarantee the recoverability of the data upon our receiving and doing an analysis of it ensures that the damage is contained from getting worse.

It is impossible to commit to a price without having done a Evaluation of why the data is not accessible.  Accordingly, all our Data Recovery Work is completed on a No Recovery, No Fee if the results are 0{4150afb9e92df8ed001e14c3970ddab4dbba22adbd8b960d2482b465e6539233} .

Once we have carried out this Evaluation we supply you with a listing of what data is visible, You can make make  decision to go-ahead or  not , else you can stop this process by paying evaluation fee only if applicable.